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Drilling rigs

Requirements for construction and implementation of the drilling units that our company produces vary a lot. Basically, the units can be divided into drilling units for special construction foundations and drilling units for the implementation of exploration work and well drilling. The major requirement for the unit for special construction foundations is its variability and mobility on the construction site. The units are thus mounted on a caterpillar undercarriage and the carriage kinematics is constructed in such a way that drilling in various positions and angles is enabled. These units are usually used for drilling lower depths of max. 30 m, therefore shorter drilling tools, 2 metres and shorter, are used.

The units for special foundations can be further divided into small units and large units. 

The small units are used for old building masonry reconstruction. They are thus optimized for drilling in confined areas (hydraulic contracting undercarriage, short carriage); the units can be transported in parts (carriage, undercarriage, generating unit).

The large drilling units can be equipped with two rotating heads, sophisticated backing-off equipment to back off drilling tools, or with manipulators for quick and easy manipulation of drilling tools. 

The drilling units for exploration work are usually mounted on wheeled undercarriages. The unit stands over the drill hole for days or even weeks. Drill hole depths reach hundreds of metres; our units reach depths of about 700 m. The carriage is designed for longer drilling tools of 3, 6 and 9 metres. The carriage kinematics are simple, consisting of the carriage set-up and its mounting on the frame of the drilling unit only. The frame of the unit is equipped with four hydraulic outriggers for the required field set-up of the unit. The unit has only one rotating head, usually with higher rotation speed of 700 min -1 or faster, compared to the units for foundations. Casing tubes with large diameters of 324 mm or larger are used for casings. Such large casing tubes can only be driven in with the help of a supportive casing device.

Our company also produces drilling tools. Double thread clockwise or anti-clockwise casing tubes with diameters of 133 and 152 mm are mostly designed for construction foundations. We produce drilling rods with diameters of 63, 89.9 and 114 mm. The most frequently used threads are the API 2 3/8", 3 1" IF threads, regular threads or RD threads. Other types of drilling tools are supplied from other producers.

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